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 Roleplay Quiz - Required to join the server! - Not in order at the moment.

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PostSubject: Roleplay Quiz - Required to join the server! - Not in order at the moment.   Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:46 pm

~ Streetz of Los Santos Roleplay Exam ~

Hello New Player,

If you wish to join our RolePlay server you must answer to the questions below than submit them to the email address which is provided.


1.) Define the term 'Deathmatch'.

- [Answer here]

1.1) Explain a situation which involves deathmatch.

- [Answer here]

2.) Define the term 'Revenge-killing'.

- [Answer here]

2.1) Explain a situation which involves Revenge-killing.

- [Answer here]

3.) Define Meta-gaming.

- [Answer here]

3.1) Explain a situation which involves Meta-gaming.

- [Answer here]

4.) Define power-gaming.

- [Answer here]

4.1) Explain a situation which involves power-gaming.

- [Answer here]

5.) What is the difference between OOC (Out of character) and IC (In character)?

- [Answer here]

6.) Which chat can acronyms such as 'lol' and 'wtf' be used in?

- [Answer here]

7.) Give an example of a /me.

- [Answer here]

8.) Give an example of a /do.

- [Answer here]



1.) Which is the correct method of reporting someone?

A. Spamming the OOC chat with your report.
B. Using /report [ID] [Reason] or PM'ing an admin.
C. Flaming the admin consistently until he punishes the player you have reported.

2.) If you have been deathmatched, what do you do?

A. Revenge-kill the player.
B. Flame the player who deathmatched you.
C. Report him to an admin using /report or via PM.

3.) An admin has punished you but you feel it was wrong to do so. What do you do?

A. Flame the admin.
B. Turns your hacks on to annoy the admin.
C. Talk it over with the admin and come to some sort of agreement.

4.) If you've seen a hacker, what is to be done?

A. Spam the OOC causing the admin to aware, as well as causing the hacker to quit the server.
B. PM an admin urgently or use /report.
C. Flame the hacker.

5.) You have 5 men surrounding you, all armed.. what do you do if you want to escape?

A. Rambo and run away.
B. Attempt something realistic, inflicting damage in some way on them.
C. DM them all.

6.) What do you do if you want admin?

A. PM a lead administrator telling them how good you are and how you would be right for the job.
B. Wait to be chosen.
C. Spam a lead administrator for an admin level.



1.) Write a story for your character (must be considerably long).

- [Answer here]

2.) Why would you like to join the Streetz of Los Santos roleplaying community?

- [Answer here]


Credits to Clinz for the format.

Send this to lsbxadmin@gmail.com

*Admin Validation*

If you want to register on these forums please fill in the below information and send it to lsbxadmin@gmail.com
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Roleplay Quiz - Required to join the server! - Not in order at the moment.
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